Surrey Hills Who? Pumas. Remember the tales of the elusive cat that has been seen running around the Surrey Hills? Well it's back and it's brought its friends.

The purpose of The Surrey Hills Pumas is to get out there running, get some exercise, get some money for charities and get a bigger social network. We are NOT a Club that is based around elite runners (although, it would be great to see someone wearing a Surrey Hills Pumas vest winning the 2012 Olympics!). We are a group of people interested in making a difference to the local community, supporting charities along the way and ultimately having fun in the process. The standard of our members is very varied, some people run several times a week and cover long distances, some people prefer to walk and some people do a bit of both. If you feel that this casual approach is something you would like to be part of then we would be pleased to have you onboard, if you feel that you would like to be part of a more focused running club then we will happily point you in the direction of the more intensive-training based clubs in the area.

By being a Surrey Hills Puma you will benefit from one of the most cost effective exercise methods available in this current climate. No expensive gym memberships, no expensive equipment to hide away in the conservatory when you're fed up with it and here's the best bit, exclusive discounts for all members from carefully selected local fitness equipment and welfare suppliers (see the LINKS page for more details).

“I'm not a runner” That's what we all thought before we started, it takes time and with encouragement from people who started at the same point you will get there and boy what a sense of achievement when you do. Being a Surrey Hills Puma will introduce you to a whole host of people who also thought they hated running and were incapable but before they knew it they were loving it and at least two of us went on to complete the London Marathon and more recently a 35 mile Ultramarathon. Who says you can't run? Give it a go and soon you will have oodles of feel good factor!